Two and a half decades back, it was in 1991 that Aranya started manufacturing a single herbal product. The good result and the acceptance of each product made with absolute sincerity gained popularity over the years in epic proportions.

The bloom of the natural herbal products flowered into two fragrant clusters- Aranya Ayurveda Vaidya Sala that manufactures premium ayurvedic medicines and Aranya Products that manufactures patented cosmetic products. And there has been a harvest of appreciations.

Eventually, the extensive increase in the members of the two sales teams of the two research & development teams encouraged them to get unified for a single purpose of quality selling under a single management. This marked the origin of Aranya Business Establishments LLp (ABE). This merging of the sales & management simplified the whole system enabling the group to further flourish with the nomenclatures of Aranya Ayurvedic Hospital at Kozhikode District and Aranya Eazy Ayurvedic Clinics at major pockets of small towns.

"I have been using Aranya's products for the past 3 years. It has always satisfied my needs. All the products are natural and never caused any side effects. This is a brand I trust.


" Before using Aranya ALLSLIM, I weighed 138 kgs (304 pounds). I was literally a ball with legs. I tried many products and exercises which was of no use. After using Aranya ALLSLIM, I trimmed almost 56 kgs (123 pounds) without even breaking a sweat. I have had no side-effects or any other issues till now. No one believes that I am the same person. All thanks to Aranya ALLSLIM. Now I have regain my self confidence and looks. :)

Aboobacker A J

"Since my childhood, I suffered from allergies. Cold & dust does not suit me at all and starts of a weeks suffering when exposed. I had given up hope for a cure with countless invain remedies over a past couple of years. Aranya BLACKSEED OIL did the trick. All I did was use it as per the guidelines(which is really simple) and within two weeks, I have got no sign of it. I feel lot more energetic and alive now. I would recommend Aranya BLACKSEED OIL to anyone.